Our Staff

Peter Boxall, Director – Black Box Consulting
Specialist area: Xilinx FPGA Architectures & Design Flow

Prior to founding Black Box Consulting in 2006 as the Authorised Training Provider for Xilinx education courses in Australia and New Zealand, Peter was employed by Xilinx for 7yrs. Based in the UK as a Senior Strategic Applications Engineer and Product Specialist, Peter supported global accounts throughout their entire project cycle from concept to production using Xilinx products alongside the Xilinx FAEs. Peter’s responsibilities included design and implementation support and training which saw him become an expert in the coding styles and techniques, architectures, design flow, floorplanning, and timing closure, he was also the first Xilinx employee to be outsourced for Xilinx ‘Titanium’ support. Peter currently provides online, onsite, and public Xilinx training courses around the world, as well as design support and specialised recruitment services.

Michael Fowler, Technology Consultant
Specialist area: Xilinx Connectivity Solutions

Michael spent 8yrs at Xilinx supporting the Xilinx connectivity solutions. As the European trainer for Xilinx PCI and High-Speed Serial IO based in the UK office, Michael provided training and application support to top tier customers across Europe.

Michael also spent time in Stockholm, Sweden and Dallas, USA on international assignment with Xilinx. Since leaving Xilinx at the end of 2005 Michael gained experience at the upper management level within the financial services industry before returning to the technology industry where he has launched a number of innovative companies in the areas of internet and electronics technology.

Reg Zatrepalek, Technology Consultant

Specialist area: Xilinx Digital Signal Processing Solutions

Reg has 10 years design experience in a variety of industries ranging from consumer handheld through to military avionics, including a 3 year period when he was employed by Telstra as a network designer.  In 1996, Reg joined Xilinx where he remained for the next 13 years.  His primary role was as an FAE, and for the past 7 years, a Xilinx DSP Specialist FAE.  He has continued along this path, and now creates DSP courses on behalf of Xilinx and delivers DSP training to customers both online and onsite.