Why Online Training?

We do not promote online training as the best and only training solution, we rather promote it as an addition to traditional methods, and an alternative.

We have worked very hard to provide a solution which as best as possible relates to traditional face to face training. The most important aspects of training from our experience of face to face training is the following:

1) The ability to ask questions – The online portal is live. Attendees wear headsets with microphones, allowing up to 6 people to communicate at the same time. Chat messages can be sent with questions which do not interrupt the flow

2) Assistance during labs – It was paramount with an online solution to be able to help attendees during labs. Our solution allows us to share each others desktops or specific applications. We can even give control to others (and take it back at a click of a button). This means you can show the presenter your desktop while explaining your problem and in the same way as face to face, the presenter can hep guide you to the solution or actually take control and do it for you.

3) Transfer of knowledge – One important aspect of training is being able to successfully transfer knowledge and answer questions. Sometimes this can be done verbally, but others times visual aids are required. As we can share desktops, it is remarkably simple for the presenter to give live demo’s. We also use large pen and tablets enabling us to draw on a ‘whiteboard’ and the actual slides with remarkable precision. This means we can put are point across with diagrams and waveforms easily.

4) Documentation – All of our courses come with full documentation of all slides, with presenter notes in a wirebound workbook. This is the same for Lab workbooks. These are posted to you before we commence the course. These workbooks make fantastic reference material and are very durable. Lab files are sent to you, and are nearly all downloadable from the Xilinx FTP site

Each of these four points are covered extremely well in online training which is why we have received extremely positive feedback. Many actually prefer this mode of training as it additionally offers the following benefits:

1) Cheaper course costs – we can offer the training courses at a reduced rate to traditional methods due to reduced costs in facilities and flights/accommodation for our trainer

2) No travel budgets - Many have to fly to the city running a desired course. With a $400 flight, $150 a night accommodation, $50 a day for breakfast and dinner, and $50 a day car hire or taxi’s – a 2 day course would cost $900 and a 5 day course would cost $1650 in additional expenditure!

3) Time away from work - For some its very hard to get 2 -5 days away from work in one block. We can break down the course into 2-4hr blocks a few times a week over time. Its flexible and best fit to the attendees’

4) Time away from family – Sometimes its not feasible for people to be away from the family for extended periods. You can still pick the kids up from school with this solution.

5) Anywhere – anytime – you can still get out of the office so people wont be distracting you. All you need is a reliable broadband connection and a headset with Microphone. We can even sell our recommended sets to you.

6) Night school – some people want to attend training outside of work hours. This can be due to lack of time during work, or as its personal study. Its not unusual to find companies willing to pay or assist with training, but not be prepared to lose you for a week. With online training, you can study after work a few nights a week!

7) Time for it to sink in! – sometimes its hard to take everything in over a few days. If you spread the course out, it gives you time for material to sink in, to go back over slides, to totally finish lab practicals or do further reading so you come to next class refreshed and informed…or with questions!

8 ) World class presenters – As we do not have geographic boundaries, we can offer you trainers you would not normally have access to. Our trainers include ex Xilinx Product Specialists (PAEs), Strategic Applications Engineer (SAE), and even the specialists and industry recognised experts who actually wrote some of the courses used by Xilinx across its network! We will continue to grow our network of presenters and courses. we love feedback so let us know if there is a course you would like to see.