Client Testimonials

I thought the Webex remote classroom setup was simply brilliant. With live training coming up next week, I´d prefer to do it via the Webex instead. The interface is intuitive, and efficient, and I think it assists in the training running smoothly and effectively. I was concerned that it was going to be awful, but part way through Day One (of the five day course), I had changed my mind, and was sold on it.

J.B. - BAE Systems

Your online training solution was very flexible and met my need to be trained quickly on days when I was available for training. Not having to travel for the training saved us money and time. I was very happy with the training.

K.M.D - QinetiQ

Course Schedule

Courses are scheduling often but do change depending on demand. We have found it best to ask you to register an interest rather than have to contactly update proposed dates. Academy courses tend to run within 2-8 weeks of request.

New Courses unless requested will use the Vivado Tool Flow.

Our Flagship Xilinx FPGA Academy Courses have a new structure:

Xilinx FPGA Academy I: 

  • Introduction to VHDL  (or Verilog) – 3 days
  • Essentials of FPGA Design – 2 Days

Xilinx FPGA Academy II

  • FPGA Design Tips & Techniques – 2 days
  • Vivado Design Suite Advanced XDC and STA for ISE Users – 2 days
  • Debugging with the Vivado Chipscope Tool (will use 14.2 version until April 2013) – 1 day

Xilinx Academy III

  • Essential Tcl Scripting for the Vivado Design Suite – 1 day
  • Advanced Tools and Techniques of the Vivado Design Suite – 2 days
  • Advanced use of the Chipscope Debugging Tool – 1 day (ISE 14.2 until April 2013)

We have also just released an introduction to Embedded Systems online. You will need a Zed board for the Zynq section of the course (via Avnet, or us if you are a student)

Xilinx Embedded Academy I – 4 Days AU$2195 or AU$595 per day

  • Essentials of Microprocessors – 1 day
  • C Language Programming with SDK – 2 days
  • Introduction to Zynq – 1 day (Zed board Required)