Client Testimonials

I thought the Webex remote classroom setup was simply brilliant. With live training coming up next week, I´d prefer to do it via the Webex instead. The interface is intuitive, and efficient, and I think it assists in the training running smoothly and effectively. I was concerned that it was going to be awful, but part way through Day One (of the five day course), I had changed my mind, and was sold on it.

J.B. - BAE Systems

Your online training solution was very flexible and met my need to be trained quickly on days when I was available for training. Not having to travel for the training saved us money and time. I was very happy with the training.

K.M.D - QinetiQ

CPLD Essentials

This course consists of 2 packaged courses including:

•    Fundamentals of CPLD Design (1 Day)
•    Designing  for Performance for CPLDs (1 Day)

Fundamentals of CPLD Design

This comprehensive course provides you with an introduction to designing with Xilinx CPLDs. You will learn the basics of ISE software flow and how to interpret CPLD reports for optimum performance designs.

This course covers ISE features such as the Constraints Editor and PACE. Other topics are design planning, implementation options, and global timing constraints.

Designing for Performance for CPLDs

Designing for Performance for CPLDs is an intermediate-level course that provides a comprehensive overview of the CPLD software flow. By applying the techniques presented in this course, you will be able to enhance design performance and make the best possible use of Xilinx CPLD architectures.

This course uses the ISE™ software, including the Constraints Editor & Timing Analyzer. Other topics include understanding the CPLD logic engine, estimating power, and fitting difficult designs.