Debugging Techniques Using ChipScope Pro

Training Course Cost: 2 days, live with an instructor = AU$990

The 2 day Chipscope course is split between Academy II and III but can be sat independantly. Please note an SP605 board and Chipscope license is required to do the Lab sections of this course.

As FPGA designs become increasingly more complex, designers continue look to reduce design and debug time. The powerful, yet easy-to-use ChipScope™ Pro tool solution helps minimize the amount of time required for verification and debug.

This two-day course will not only introduce you to the cores and tools and illustrate how to use the triggers effectively, but also show you effective ways to debug logic and high-speed designs—thereby decreasing your overall design development time. This training will provide hands-on labs that demonstrate how the ChipScope Pro tools can address advanced verification and debugging challenges.
After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Identify each ChipScope Pro tool core and explain its purpose
  • Effectively utilize the ChipScope Pro Analyzer tool
  • Implement the ChipScope Pro tool using the CORE Generator™, Core Inserter, and PlanAhead™ tool flows
  • Select effective test points in your design
  • Optimize design and core performance when ChipScope Pro tool cores are used
  • Execute various techniques for collecting data, including file storage, scripting, and building custom triggers

Click here to download the full Debugging with Chipscope Pro Xilinx training course summary