FPGA Design Tips and Techniques

Training Course Cost: 2 days, live with an instructor = AU$990

This is one of our favorite courses, with consistently good feedback. This course appeals to engineers who have an interest in good design techniques, to produce compact design (for lower cost) with additional discussion on timing performance. The course and exercises cover several different design techniques, which will be interesting and challenging for any digital designer regardless of the final application.

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Accurately estimate design size to aid in predicting product costs
  • Apply design techniques that result in low-cost implementations
  • Explore creative ways to use the FPGA , Slices, memory, and DSP resources to reduce design size and increase performance.

This coure is part of the Xilinx Academy II, though can be sat individually. For course details please refer to the relevant section in the Academy II course summary:

Click here to download the full FPGA Design Tips & Techniques Xilinx training course summary