PlanAhead Advanced

Training Course Cost: 2 days, live with an instructor = AU$990

Learn to increase design performance and achieve repeatable performance by using the PlanAhead™ software tool.  Topics include: synthesis and project tips, design analysis, creating a floorplan, improving performance with area constraints and Pblocks, design debugging with the ChipScope™ Pro tool, and design preservation with partitions.

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Use the most advanced features of the PlanAhead tool
  • Apply the hierarchical viewer and timing report information to make the best area constraints
  • Group the best logic into Pblocks
  • Import HDL sources, elaborate, and analyze an RTL netlist
  • Implement the design with different implementation strategies
  • Analyze design statistics, connectivity, timing, placement, and timing critical paths
  • Insert ChipScope Pro tool debug cores
  • Floorplan the design to improve performance and preserve successful implementation results
  • Make placement constraints for dedicated hardware resources

This coure is part of the Xilinx Academy III, though can be sat individually. For course details please refer to the relevant section in the Academy III course summary:

Click here to download the full Advanced PlanAhead Xilinx training course summary