PlanAhead Essentials

Training Course Cost: 1 day, live with an instructor = AU$495

August/September Promotion, just $249!! See Course Schedule

Learn to manage design performance, plan an I/O pin layout, and implement by using the PlanAhead™ software tool. Topics include: a tool overview, running a Design Rule Check (DRC) and Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) analysis of pin assignments, design and timing analysis, creating cores, and completing synthesis and implementation with the PlanAhead tool.

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Use the PlanAhead tool features and benefits
  • Import designs into the PlanAhead tool project environment
  • Assign I/O pins and clock logic
  • Run DRC and SSN noise analysis
  • Integrate IP with the PlanAhead tool
  • Import HDL sources, elaborate, and analyze the RTL netlist
  • Implement the design with different implementation strategies
  • Analyze design statistics and timing
  • Use the PlanAhead tool

Click here to download the full Essentials to PlanAhead Xilinx training course summary