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Xilinx Academy II – Intermediate

Course Cost: 5 days, live with an instructor = AU$1685 – $2195 per person depending on team size

This 5 day course is for designers with a few projects under their belt to the experienced.

Here we get inside the FPGA and get you thinking about what you write in code and what gets created in actual hardware. This thought process is the foundation of a good designer.

We address the Slice in indepth detail, we discuss memory types, carry chains, LUTs, synchronous design techniques, using memory and DSP blocks to reduce Slice count. We go through Timing Closure and Xilinx Design Constraints in more detail and look at further contraining paths, synthesis and implementation options and techniques as well as a more indepth discussion of the Architecture. All using the latest Vivado software. We also have a day to introduce and implement Chipscope in a design.

This course gets fantastic feedback!

The Xilinx FPGA Academy II contains the following courses: